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58% of consumers choose credit cards based on rewards, and not a single community financial institution ranks in the top 45 of preferred card programs. It's time to level the playing field and redefine the game with Benjamin.
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Don't Play The Game Like A Big Bank.
You Can't Win.

Trying to outspend the likes of Chase and Amex won't lead to victory. It's time to play a new game — the kind that Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix have already won.

Never Pay

Competitive rewards programs might keep you top of wallet, but they come at a hefty price. Benjamin subsidizes your bank’s card program through the collective customer acquisition budgets of hundreds of thousands of merchants.
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Bonus: With Benjamin AI, you’ll know exactly what customers like and which rewards they actually use.

Let Customers Play

Card-linked offers have remained stagnant for years, lacking innovation and excitement. Disrupt the industry and become a true leader in the market by employing the same addictive game mechanics that the world's most engaging apps use.
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Bonus: With Benjamin tiers and loyalty badges, customers continue to unlock higher cash back the more they spend.

Win More Customers

With Benjamin, your card won't be just another option in your customers' wallets – it will be the ultimate choice. Our gamified experience has consistently proven to have higher retention, user growth, and monthly spend than the 5 leading cash back companies.
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Bonus: With Benjamin, users have steadily increased their average purchases to $67.

We Don’t Just Care About Winning.
We Care About Changing The Game

  • More than 10 years of cash back experience with the biggest brands in the world
  • More than 20 years of marketing tech experience for small and mid-sized banks
  • More than 30 years of gamification experience with Netflix and McDonald’s
  • Exclusive payment solutions partner of Worldpay
How it works
Invite Customers

Invite Customers

Invite your customers to download the Benjamin app. They’ll automatically receive cash back on every purchase, everywhere (in the world).
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Bonus: For every customer that signs up, we give them $5 on your behalf (our gift).

Increase Interchange

Partner with Benjamin to add more cash back rewards to your card than anyone else in the industry. We enhance your customers’ experience and our app has proven to increase customer spend and average purchase amount.
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Bonus: Change the game by giving your customers these one of a kind offers even in a debit card.

Increase Lifetime Value

Not only does Benjamin have the highest retention in the industry, but when users invite their friends and favorite merchants, they get an unprecedented 10% cash back on all their rewards for a lifetime.
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Bonus: Benjamin AI let’s you cross-sell and cross-promote your products and services alongside tailored offers that customers care about.

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