Get more customers with cash back marketing

Get more customers with
cash back marketing

Join thousands of businesses who are utilizing cash back campaigns and start your own cash back program easily with just a few clicks.

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Just a few clicks and campaigns are live

Cash back boost is the easiest way to get more revenue and repeat customers to your store, both online and offline.

You can get your campaign up and running in minutes and start to see the results immediately.
Choose how much cash back you want to give in your campaign.

We recommend up to 10%.

Choose who you want to target with your campaign.
Decide how long and when the campaign is valid.

You can even pick the campaign to be available only on specific days of the week!
Publish the campaign and enjoy the results.

The campaign will be published in our cash back network and we will track the results automatically.

Cash back campaigns are 100% performance-based, so you only have to pay for the results you generate trough the campaign.

Cash back marketing campaigns deliver results


New customers per location


Basket size increase


Repeat visit increase

Easy campaign creation

Finally you can create performance-based cash back offers to millions of card holders with just a few clicks.

Publish and get your campaign live within minutes instead of months without a need for any additional equipment.

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Target and personalize your offers to increase revenue and loyalty

Create campaigns with our precise targeting tools and reach your potential customers.

Get your old customers to return

Easily target customers who haven't been shopping with you lately and give them a reminder to come back.

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Discover the latest business insights and cash back marketing tips on our blog

Discover valuable tips and insights on everything from email marketing to customer loyalty and cash back strategies. Benjamin blog is your go-to resource for practical advice and step-by-step guides that you can implement right away.

Stay ahead of the competition and grow your business with our tips.

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18 Free Marketing Tools For Your Restaurant

Running a business is hard and the profits margin are sometimes pretty tight. Still you know that doing some marketing would help you get some more customers, but you don't want to spent all your money on different marketing tools - but worry no more, this article will help you to check 18 great free marketing tools for your business!

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In this blog post we briefly told the benefits of cash back marketing especially for restaurant owners in 2023. It explains how cash back marketing can help increase customer loyalty, drive business, and stand out in a crowded market.

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If you're like most business owners, you're always looking for ways to make your life easier. That's why apps that integrate directly with your point-of-sale systems like Clover are so popular - they allow you to connect your point-of-sale system with other applications and platforms.


Say goodbye to paper punch cards - go virtual

Virtual Punch Cards

Finally you can easily create virtual punch cards to your customers.

Say goodbye to paper hassle and start increasing the loyalty of your customers.

Simply track setup punch card terms and our systems tracks card swipes automaticly to reward your customers at the right time.

Without any additional equipment needed.

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