6 Proven Tips to Maximize Cashback on Amazon Purchases

March 10, 2023
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Amazon is the ultimate online shopping destination, and it's no secret that Americans love to shop there. In fact, the average American spends over $1,200 a year on Amazon! With that kind of spending, it's no wonder that people are looking for ways to save money and get more value for their buck. That's where cashback comes in. By earning cashback on your Amazon purchases, you can stretch your dollar even further. In this article, we'll share five proven tips to help you maximize cashback on your Amazon purchases, along with pvractical product examples and a link to a credit card comparison article.

Tip #1 - Use Cashback Credit Cards

One of the most straightforward ways to earn cashback on your Amazon purchases is to use a cashback credit card. These cards typically offer a percentage of cashback on all purchases made with the card, including Amazon purchases. The amount of cashback offered varies depending on the card, so it's important to compare different cards to find the best one for you. NerdWallet offers a comprehensive comparison of cashback credit cards, so you can find the one that suits your needs.

Obviously, you can also check our cash back credit card too which gives you 1.50% cash back on your purchases at Amazon too.‍

Tip #2 - Use Amazon Coupons

Amazon offers a variety of coupons for different products and categories. These coupons can be found on the product page or in the "Coupons" section of Amazon's website. You can clip the coupons to add them to your cart and receive a discount at checkout. Some coupons offer cashback in the form of Amazon gift cards too.

Tip #3 - Use Amazon Gift Cards

Oh, Amazon gift cards. The gift that says, "I didn't know what to get you, so here's a piece of plastic that can be exchanged for goods or services." But don't get us wrong, they can be pretty handy, especially if you're not sure what to buy for that special someone. And Amazon has a whole range of specialty gift cards to choose from, so you can make your gift just a little more personal.

You can purchase Amazon gift cards at a discounted price on various websites, like Raise or Gift Card Granny. You can then use these gift cards to make your Amazon purchases, effectively earning cashback on your purchases. Just make sure to buy gift cards from reputable sellers to avoid any potential issues.

You can also get Amazon speciality Gift Card if you want to give the gift card directly to some store like Starbucks. Then it is good to note once again that it is usually wise to buy these gift cards from cash back apps like Benjamin, because then you will usually get 3-10% cashback/discount from the face value of the gift card.

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Tip #4 Sign up for Amazon Subscribe & Save

If you regularly purchase certain products on Amazon, consider signing up for Amazon Subscribe & Save. This program allows you to subscribe to regular deliveries of select products, and you can save up to 15% on your entire order when you have five or more subscriptions. Not only will you save money on your purchases, but you'll also earn cashback on the products you use most.

If you truly want to learn how to utilize the Amazon Subscribe & Save function, you can learn all the bells and whistles about by checking this Youtube video from The Melee Show, where she tells few super useful tips.

Screenshot of a Youtube video How to Use The Amazon Subscribe and Save Program the Right Way! Video.

Tip #5 - Try Amazon Reload

Amazon Reload allows you to add funds to your Amazon gift card balance using your debit card. When you use Amazon Reload, you can earn a 2% cashback bonus on every purchase. This can be a great option if you're trying to meet a spending minimum on a credit card or want to earn cashback without opening a new credit card.

By setting up automatic reloads on your Amazon account, you'll earn that 2% cashback bonus on every purchase you make with your Amazon Reload balance. Plus, you'll never have to worry about running out of funds in your account when you need to make a purchase. It's like having your own personal piggy bank, but with more rewards and less squealing.

Tip #6 - Get Cash Back From Amazon Purchases by Enrolling Your Card to Cash Back Rewards App

Here's a secret tip that we think you'll love. Did you know that you can earn cash back (or even extra cash back on top of your current cash back!) on your Amazon purchases just by enrolling your credit or debit card to a cashback rewards app? It's true! And don't worry, we're not just shamelessly promoting our own app. We promise there are other options out there too.

But if you do decide to join our app, we'll give you at least 1% cashback on all of your Amazon purchases. And the best part is that you can stack these rewards on top of any other savings or earnings you already have.

Our app isn't just limited to Amazon either. You can earn cashback on a wide variety other merchants (you can automatically find the best coupons and discounts on more than 60,000 online stores and 17,000 local restaurants!) and retailers (actually you will earn cash back on every purchase), so you can save money while shopping for all your favorite things.

So, if you're someone who loves saving money (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), enrolling your card to a cashback rewards app is a no-brainer. And if you choose to join our app, we'll be here waiting to welcome you with open arms (and cashback rewards).

So take a first step towards bigger cash back earnings and join our waitlist and you will get access to our app really soon!

Extra tip to get cash back from Amazon - use our browser extension that automatically finds you the best coupons, and earn extra cash back on your purchases at Amazon.

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