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Life is Too Short to Spend With Regret

Don’t waste time wondering if you’re getting the most out of your cash back. Spend your money where you want and always get the most in return.

Spend Confidently. Spend Freely.

Daily Cash Back

No more waiting for your cash back. Claim your cash within 24 hours.
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Bonus: Spend $20 with our mobile Safari extension, get $5 instantly.

Unlimited Cash Rewards

Invite a friend, get $5, invite a business, get up to $500.
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Bonus: Claim $36 in cash rewards, get 20% more in cash back offers. Claim $86, get up to 40% more cash back.

Endless Ways To Stack

Use Benjamin with any card, get up to .20% cash back. Use Benjamin with the Safari extension, add 5-30% on top with hotels, in-store offers, and brands.
Unlock Bonus
Bonus: Add the Ben One debit card to your stack and earn an additional 1% on all purchases plus an average of 7% from your favorite places.
How it works
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Spend freely
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Download the app from the App Store
or Google Play Store.
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Bonus: Get $5 after you set up your account.

Link Card & Bank

Remember to link your card with the matching bank account. (Ex. Bank of America debit card and Bank of America checking account.
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Bonus: Once your bank and card is linked, you get to claim cash back on every purchase.

Spend Freely

Shop and dine anywhere (literally). Benjamin works online and in-stores everywhere.
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Bonus: Receive boosted offers in the app so you always know how to multiply your money.

Claim Your Cash

Every day Benjamin gives you a way to get more money through cash back and cash rewards. All you have to do is click claim.
Unlock bonus
Bonus: After $25 either transfer to your bank or turn it into a gift card and get up to 20% more value.

Stack Benjamins &
Supercharge Your Spending

Benjamin App +
Any Card
2.5% At 400 Big Brands
3% At 17,000 Local Restaurants
4% Online Shopping
7.5% On Hotels and Rentals
Benjamin App +
Ben One Debit Card
1% Cash Back On Every Purchase
5% At 400 Big Brands
6% At 17,000 Local Restaurants
8% Online Shopping
15% On Hotels and Rentals
Earn without purchases

Play Games & Earn

  • Unlock access to over 1,000 games that not only entertain but also fill your wallet
  • Biggest real cash rewards from gaming on the market
  • You play, we pay!

Benjamin AI:
Your Smart Spending Assistant

  • Track your spending habits
  • Recommend restaurants with the highest cash back
  • Suggest gift ideas within your budget
  • Plan a trip with the most rewards

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