7 Questions About Benjamin Badges – Introducing The New Extra Cash Bonus System!

June 14, 2023
2 min read
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Are you ready to supercharge your cash back experience with Benjamin? We're thrilled to announce that soon we can launch our latest feature: badges! These badges bring a whole new level of rewards to your Benjamin journey, offering additional cash bonuses on top of your regular cash back flow.‍

1) What benefits do badges bring?

‍‍Gaining badges yields additional cash bonuses on top of the regular Benjamin cash back flow.
Most badges are tied to specific spending segments - such as pet supplies, cosmetics and
electronics. But there are also badges for gaining several badges, as well as total claims

2) How do I gain badges?

Benjamin users progress towards new badges via each claim that has a dollar symbol ($)
attached to the claim. These types of claims count towards triggering a badge and an
associated cash bonus.

By clicking on the badge symbol, you can find out what the particular target for unlocking each
badge is. It’s typically tied to the amount of claims made in a particular product segment - but
some badges are unlocked by actions like inviting friends to join Benjamin!

5) What happens after I have unlocked a particular badge?

‍That’s when the progress towards the next level badge begins in that special category! The
second level badge will yield a bigger cash bonus, and so forth. On higher levels, bonuses get
juicy indeed…

‍6) Where can I find the badge list?

The badge grid is located under the Tiers page - you can reach the Tiers and Badges by
clicking on the button next to your Tier status bar at the top of the app main page. Some badges
are only accessible on higher Tier levels.

7) Will there be new badges?

You bet - check regularly on the badge list to see how it expands and evolves!


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