Best Travel Tip of 2023 – How to Book Hotels Cheaper Than From

June 9, 2023
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In the vast skies of travel booking, forget frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points. There's a new champion soaring high, crafting waves in the travel sphere - the Benjamin cash back app. Say goodbye to traditional travel bookings and embrace the Benjamin revolution, your ticket to the future of travel savings.

We're about to take you on a journey to sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. But this is not just any journey. We’re charting the course of a savvy traveler who unlocked significant savings by jetting off with Benjamin Travel instead of settling for Buckle up and let's jet in!

Navigating the Traditional Booking Maze

Travel planning typically begins with a journey through a maze of booking sites. Be it, Priceline, or another platform, travelers are accustomed to hunting for the best deals amidst a sea of options. While these sites have their merits, they often fall short when it comes to maximizing savings, leaving travelers feeling like they could have gotten a better deal elsewhere.

When our beloved traveler noticed that his few day trip to Florida's favorite golf destination, West Palm Beach Florida, would have cost $770 if he had booked the trip through (even though he would have scored 2.2% cash back from it with Benjamin Mobile Extension). He thought that now it might be a good time to check the prices in a Benjamin Cash Back App, especially in their loved Benjamin Travel section, because he had already read a story about how one of Benjamin users saved a lot on his recent trip to Miami by using Benjamin app.

The Benjamin Difference - Savings That and Other Travel Sites Can't Compare

In the pursuit of better savings, he pivoted to the Benjamin Travel platform, where he booked his journey for a mere $687.15. He immediately reaped the benefit of a 1% cash back ($6.02) with his Benjamin Debit Card.

Not stopping at that, he maximized his savings by leveraging the features of the Benjamin platform. He gained a whopping 15.1% cash back ($91.43) from Benjamin Travel and an additional 3.9% cash back ($23.49) from the Benjamin Mobile Extension (you can read from this article what is Benjamin Mobile Extension), accumulating a handsome total cash back of $121.79 - yep, just from one booking!

Reflecting on the Road Less Traveled: The Scenario

Let's step into an alternate reality where our traveler chose the conventional path with He would've ended up shelling out an estimated $772.65. The silver lining? A comparatively meager 2.2% ($16.99) cash back via the Benjamin mobile extension. But how does this stack up against the Benjamin advantage?


Crunching the Numbers On Hotel Bookings: Benjamin vs.

When it comes to travel savings, the proof is in the numbers. Let's compare how much the user saved by booking his trip to Florida from Benjamin and experiences side-by-side:

Booking with Benjamin Travel

  • Total Cost: $687.15
  • 1% Benjamin Debit Card Cash Back (including VAT): $6.87
  • 15.1% Benjamin Travel Cash Back: $91.43
  • 3.9% Benjamin Mobile Extension Cash Back: $23.49
  • Total Cash Back Earned: $121.79
  • Net Price Paid: $565.36

Booking with

  • Total Cost: $772.65
  • 2.2% Cash Back via Benjamin Mobile Extension: $16.99
  • Total Cash Back Earned: $16.99
  • Net Price Paid: $755.66

The difference? A considerable $190.30 savings when booking with Benjamin. That's a noteworthy sum that can fund extra travel experiences, souvenirs, or be put aside for your next journey!

These numbers showcase the incredible value proposition of Benjamin, illustrating a smarter way to book travels and save. So next time you're planning a trip, remember, the choice is evident: amplify your savings potential with Benjamin.

So why settle for less when you can navigate the uncharted waters of savings with Benjamin? Join the Benjamin revolution today and redefine your travel booking game, one rewarding journey at a time.


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