How This User Saved Almost $100 in One Month with Benjamin Cash Back App

April 27, 2023
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At Benjamin, we're always eager to share the real-life experiences of our users. As a growing startup still in the beta testing phase, we're delighted to have thousands of people joining our community and trying out our innovative app designed to help users save money on their everyday purchases. Among these beta testers, we've encountered numerous fascinating savings stories. Today, we'd like to introduce you a story of one of our users. Lets call him a ''John'' in this case to keep he's anonymity. John is an entrepreneur who managed to save over $110 in just one month with our app. One crucial thing to note is that John is using our iOS version of the app, so he was able to utilize our Safari browser extension.

How you can save money with Benjamin Cash Back Shopping app without chancing your spending habits?

Living in the bustling city of New York, John was constantly seeking ways to optimize his life and save money. As a one of Benjamin app beta tester, he quickly realized that the cashback rewards he earned on his purchases were adding up fast. This was an exciting discovery, but even John couldn't have predicted the extent of his savings. Before we dive into John's story, let's take a moment to understand how the Benjamin app works.

How the Benjamin Cashback App Works and How It Will Help You Save Money?

The Benjamin Cash Back App was created to make money saving as simple as possible. Here's a quick rundown of how it works and how it can help you save money without changing your spending habits:

  1. Link Your Cards: Users need to first connect the credit or debit cards they use for daily purchases. You may attach almost any card you already have, even if it already earns cash back for you on your purchases. For example, if you earn cash back with your Citibank card, you may stack the earnings by starting to earn at least 0.1% cash back on top of your current rewards on every transaction using the Benjamin app.
  2. Automatic Cashback Tracking: When users make purchases with their linked cards, the Benjamin app checks for any card-linked offers available at the retailer. The app then provides cashback based on the specific rate for that retailer, ensuring users get the best deal possible.
  3. Benjamin Browser Extension: To further enhance the user experience, we've developed a browser extension for Safari (so it is only available for iOS users at this point). This extension identifies participating retailers while users are browsing online and automatically applies, and searches for the best cash back rate and coupons at the checkout. This streamlines the process and ensures that users don't miss out on any cash back opportunities while you shop with your phone (if you want to compare our extension to Capital One and Honey, you can do it from this article).

Now that we have a better understanding of the app, let's explore John's journey as a beta tester and see how he saved over $110 in just one month.

How to Save Money With Cash Back Apps?

Living in the bustling city of New York, John was constantly seeking ways to optimize his life and save money. As a Benjamin app beta tester, he quickly realized that the cashback rewards he earned on his purchases were adding up fast. This was especially true as he made a diverse range of purchases, from GNC vitamins and protein bars to a sleek NOMATIC backpack for his travels.

The game-changer arrived when we launched our Safari extension for iOS users – just a few weeks into John's experience with our app. The Safari extension works seamlessly with the Benjamin app, allowing users to effortlessly access cashback rewards while browsing and shopping online. Once installed, the extension automatically identifies participating retailers and applies the appropriate cashback rate at checkout. This eliminates the need to visit the app to check the offers before making a purchase, making the entire process more streamlined and user-friendly.

Cash Back From Travel Bookings

When John needed to prepare for a work trip to Miami, Florida, the app proved invaluable. He booked his flight and Hotel trough with Benjamin Safari extension and earned $14.06 cashback. Then, he rented a car from AVIS and received an additional $2.88 back from that too. Throughout his trip, John continued to save and be positively surprised through various occasions. First, he headed to Sweetgreens for a lovely and fresh lunch for himself and his coworker. After making the transaction, John received a lovely notification from Benjamin informing him that he had earned a cash back! Following the notification, John began to demonstrate the app to his colleague, and they discovered that Benjamin had an offer at the Circle K gas station. That meant they'd get money back for gas they'd later need to buy, making the day even better.

ne thing John missed, though - he could have invited his colleague to join Benjamin and earn a referral reward from that. He later mentioned that they were so pumped up about everything at the moment that he didn't realize it at the time. Nonetheless, John's trip to Miami showcased the broad range of savings opportunities available through the Benjamin app.

Everyday Savings with the Benjamin Cash Back App

In his daily life, John's savings persisted. He ordered groceries and a new iPhone charger from Amazon, and once again Benjamin helped him to save on his Amazon purchases by giving him 1% cash back from those purchases. Unfortunately, he hadn't read our full guide how to maximize cash back on Amazon purchase and didn't get more than that 1% - but that is still quite a good amount what stacks up pretty quickly.

Even though Amazon has everything available in their store - John decided to go walking around Manhattan and do some old fashioned in-store shopping. He then noticed a new store called Fabletics whose athletic leisure clothing were looking guide good. He decided to go check what they were all about and noticed their whopping offer where he would get 3 pack of underwear with just $31.45. When he utilized that offer, and paid with the same card he had linked to the Benjamin app, he earned a whopping $10.50 cash back without even realizing that before making the purchase. Pretty good surprise huh?

At the end of the month he was a bit sick for a couple of days, so he once again needed to order some groceries to his apartment. He was looking for different options and noticed that Gopuff had an offer in Benjamin app, where they would give 8% cash back of his order at Gopuff. John decided to give a Gopuff a try because he had heard a lot of good stories about their incredibly fast delivery time. After placing the order, all of the wonderful stories seemed to come true when the groceries were delivered to his apartment door in less than 10 minutes. Even on the Manhattan scale, where delivery choices are many, that is a rather quick response.

Maximizing Savings and Cash Back with Group Purchases

A perfect example of how users like John can make the most of the Benjamin app is by leveraging group purchases. The crowning moment occurred when John and a few of his friends decided to go to an NHL game. Being the savvy saver he is, John realized that if he were the one to buy the tickets for the entire group, he could maximize his cashback rewards.

He purchased the tickets on StubHub (which is great place to find some good deals on tickets to the sport events!) and collected an impressive $21.26 cash back from that. The best part? His friends reimbursed him for their share of the tickets, allowing John to keep the full cashback amount for himself. This not only demonstrates the power of the Benjamin app but also highlights a smart strategy for users: when in a group setting, consolidating purchases through the person with access to cashback benefits can lead to even greater savings for everyone involved.

Combining all these savings, John saved over $110 in just one month using the Benjamin app. Imagine how much more he could have saved if our Safari extension had been available from the outset!

Total Spending and Savings Breakdown with Benjamin App

  1. GNC (vitamins and protein bars) - $28.79, $1.61 cashback (5.6% cash back with Safari extension)
  2. GNC (protein powder and other vitamins) - $22.49, $1.26 cashback (5.6% cash back with Safari extension)
  3. (new travel backpack) - $284.49, $29.87 cashback (10.5% cashback and $15 off coupon with Benjamin mobile Safari browser extension)
  4. Ticketmaster (tickets to a Broadway show) - $99.00, $2.04 cashback (2.05% cash back, Safari extension)
  5. Fandango (fan gear as a gift for the upcoming NHL playoffs) - $25.78, $0.39 cash back (1.54% cashback rate)
  6. Skechers (new shoes) - $75.00, $2.10 cashback (2.8% cashback rate)
  7. (flight tickets and Hotels to Miami) - $802.20, $22.46 cashback (2.8% cash back with Benjamin Safari extension. There is also bunch of other booking sites like Priceline and Agoda with cash back offers in the app)
  8. AVIS (car rental) - $162.00, $2.88 cashback (1.78% cash back rate)
  9. Circle K (gas) - $42.10, $0.34 cashback (0.81% cash back when paid with the same card that user had linked to the app)
  10. Sweetgreen (lunch) - $32.20, $0.61 cashback (1.89% cash back, paid with linked card)
  11. Amazon (groceries and iPhone charger) - $72.10, $0.721 cashback (1% shopped through the Benjamin offer link which gives user 1% cash back on all Amazon purchases)
  12. Fabletics (new underwear) - $31.48, $10.50 cashback (33.36% cash back when purchased with Benjamin Safari extension)
  13. StubHub (NHL tickets) - $379.56, $21.26 cashback (5.6% cash back, Safari extension)
  14. Shake Shack (lunch for two) - $34.10, $0.716 cashback (2.1% cashback rate)
  15. Gopuff (Grocery delivery) - $24.20, $1.94 cash back (8% cash back)
  16. Other purchases - $510.20, $0.5102 cashback (0.10% cashback rate on $510.20)

Total cash back earned with Benjamin Cash Back app in one month = $97.61

The Potential for Even Greater Savings

John's story highlights the remarkable power of our app, along with other cashback and shopping apps, to revolutionize the way people manage their everyday expenses. By seamlessly integrating with users' daily lives, these apps empower individuals to save money across a wide range of activities and purchases, without the need for drastic changes in their habits or routines.

As the Benjamin app continues to evolve and refine its features, we are confident that an increasing number of users will discover the value of cashback rewards and optimize their spending in a way that maximizes savings.

This not only puts more money back into their pockets but also enhances their overall financial well-being, allowing them to make the most out of every purchase.

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