How to do A/B testing for FREE on Facebook and Instagram?

October 29, 2022
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Do you know how to test different creatives on Facebook/Instagram without spending any money on the A/B testing? Nowadays when Facebook targeting has changed, the creatives will make or brake the success of your ads. But how to test what is the best creative for your ad without breaking the bank? It is quite simple, especially with this guide. This is especially good way to test your ad creatives if you have a lot of followers for your page. So any restaurant, beauty saloon, or other highly engaging business with Facebook page - this one is for you (and for others too).

Save thousands of dollars on Facebook and Instagram Ads with this this step-by-step guide.

Step 1.:

The key to this is Facebook Creator Studio. A tool that many experienced digital marketers are overlooking. So first, go to the Facebook Creator studio. You can find it as the first result when you search ‘’Creator studio’’ from Google.

Step 2.:

If it’s your first time on the Creator Studio, you can find a lot of useful information here but since now we are testing the creatives we will continue. Create your test campaign by adding the creative/creatives you want to test. (Please notice that you can only test video vs video and image vs image, so you can not compare video results against images.)

Step 3.:

Go to the Tools section and click post-testing.
(You can find them on the left side of the screen. )

Step 4.:

Choose the Key Metric you want to test. There is plenty of metrics you can test so choose what works best for you. You can choose between comments, shares, 1-minute video views, reactions, people reached and link clicks.

Step 5.:

Define the duration of the test. You can choose options all the way to 24h which is the current maximum. The longer duration you put for your test the more data you will get.

Step 6.:

Create different posts and copy variants that you want to test just like you would do normal posts.

So here it is — a great way to do A/B testing for free and compare the results to choose the best creative and copy combination without spending money on ad campaigns. This way you can learn a lot from your audience and save a lot of money on advertising costs.

Use the best working creatives on your ads and skip the part where you would have to run so much A/B testing and save the money on the best working creative you have already tested.

Extra step:

If this seems too complicated for you and you want to do easier marketing we have a solution for you:

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