How to Get Cash Back with Debit Cards

October 29, 2022
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How to Get Cash Back with Debit Cards

Earning cash back just from shopping, especially with your Debit Card is something many people don't really utilize. It’s like a side hustle, but you don’t have to do anything you don’t already do.

It sounds too good to be true, but with the Benjamin app, it’s possible. You link your debit card to our app or order the Benjamin debit card, and you automatically earn money back on your purchases trough card-linked offers.

Whether you are a young mom managing kids and a household or a young professional who loves to travel the world, there are apps that will help you supplement your income and earn rewards.

Downloading apps like Benjamin app and linking your debit card to it is all it takes to earn cash back on your purchases. No matter if the card is debit card or credit card.

Keep reading to learn how to earn cash back with a debit card.

Can You Get Cash Back from Every Debit Card Purchases?

Many people know how to get cash back with a credit card. For example, if you have a rewards credit card,  it pays you a percentage of your purchase back when you spend in certain categories.

Until recently, there wasn’t such a thing for people who used debit cards. The only way to earn rewards was to use a credit card and risk racking up credit card debit to earn rewards. This leaves many people in over their heads in debt. Another difficulty with credit cards is that not all the people are able to get them due the credit score requirements from the issuers.

That’s not the case anymore. Now you can link your debit or credit card to an app like Benjamin and earn cash back. The best news is you can link a debit card from any bank – you don’t have to have a specific bank’s card.

The Benjamin app works with all your favorite brands. With Benjamin, you will get cash back from local businesses to biggest brands including:

·        H*M

·        Chipotle

·        Amazon

·        Uber

·        Adidas

·        Macy’s

·        Nike

·        Ikea

·        Zara

·        Walmart

·        Burger King

·        FiveGuys

·        Asos

·        Starbucks

Image of a Benjamin phone where is Benjamin app open and cash back offers visible. There are also logos of Nike, H&M, Zara, Adidas, Ikea, Uber, Starbucks, Samsung, Chipotle, Uber, Amazon and Burger King in the image floating around the phone showing where you can get cash back.

How the Benjamin App Works

There are two ways to earn cash back with Benjamin.

1.     Link your existing debit card from any bank – You don’t need to set up a new bank account or get a new debit card, so you don’t have to disrupt any automatic transactions already set up.

The app automatically checks for available offers when you buy something with your debit card. If there are eligible offers, you earn cash back. Just make sure you claim the cash back after making your purchase. Check the app daily to make sure you claim all your cash back. You usually have 7 days to claim your cash back after your purchases.

2.     Get a Benjamin bank account – If you’d rather consolidate all your bank accounts into one account, get the100% free checking account. The FDIC-insured bank account offers free ACH payments and works with over 20,000 bill pay vendors.

With your free checking account, you’ll receive a free Benjamin debit card that earns extra 1% - 30% back on EVERY purchase.

The Benefits of Earning Cash Back with the Benjamin App

The obvious benefit of linking your debit card to the Benjamin app is you earn money back. But, here are some other advantages of the app:

· You don’t have to activate certain offers

· There aren’t any categories to manage or rotating categories to worry about every month

· You can earn between 1% - 30%back on your purchases

· Travel purchases earn as much as 30% back at hotels

· You earn cash back at your favorite stores and restaurants

It’s also great that you don’t have to worry about racking up credit card debt. While you can also link a credit card to the Benjamin app, its true benefit comes from being able to link a debitcard. Most apps only reward you for credit card purchases, which can lead to credit card debt.

The Benjamin app encourages you to keep your spending under control by using your debit card, and they reward you for it with cash back.

Easy Ways to Earn Cash Back with your Debit Card (or Credit Cards)

So how could you maximize your earnings with a cash back debit card?

Here are a few simple ideas.

· Use your debit card for grocery shopping each week and earn a percentage back. It’s like using coupons without taking the time to clip them or see what’s on sale. You automatically get money back just for shopping.

· Pay with your debit card when you eat out for lunch, grab a coffee, or go out to dinner. Instead of putting your purchases on a credit card, use your debit card and earn cash back.

·Link your best cash back credit cards – You can turn your best cash back credit cards into an even better card by linking them to the Benjamin app and earning cash back. For example, you can link your Citibank cash back card and earn even more rewards.

· Set up automatic payment with your regular bills – Pay your utility, cell phone, insurance, internet, and cable bills with your debit card. Now you are not only paying your bills but also earning cash back on bills you must pay. It’s like getting rewarded for paying your bills.

· Pay for travel with your linked card – If you pay for your travel with your best cash back credit cards, you can earn up to 30% back on hotel stays with the Benjamin app. Plus, you’ll earn cash back on all other travel expenses you charge, rewarding you for traveling.

Final Thoughts

Earning cash back with debit cards wasn’t possible until recently, with apps like the Benjamin app. It’s a great way to ensure you keep your spending within what you can afford and then get rewarded.

Shopping at your favorite stores or paying your regular bills never felt so fun! So why not earn cash back on things you already buy? You don’t have to worry about coupons or which card you use. As long as it’s linked to the Benjamin app, you’ll earn cash back and have a nice supplemental income.

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