Win Big with Benjamin – Announcing Our First-Ever Content Creation Contest!

August 17, 2023
9 min read
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Join the Fun and Win Up To $250 Gift Card!

At Benjamin, we're always looking for ways to reward our users. This contest is yet another avenue for you to earn and enjoy! Beyond the cash back on every purchase and the boosted cash back from over 60,000 online stores, surveys, and other rewarding tasks we're now offering you a chance to showcase your creativity and win big. Think of this as another rewarding task, just like our surveys, but with a fun twist. Whether it's a simple selfie video, a meme, or a detailed shopping haul, every entry is a testament to our vibrant community's spirit. So why wait? Dive in, share your Benjamin story, and stand a chance to win up to a $250 gift card!

Why You Should Take Part Too

In the world of TikTok, it only takes one compelling hook to capture the attention of tens of thousands, if not millions. Ever stumbled upon a video with a catchy start and found yourself watching it till the end? That could be your video. With the right hook, your content has the potential to go viral, bringing you closer to that coveted $250 gift card.

Video Ideas You Could Utilize

If you're eager to join the competition but are unsure about what kind of videos to create, fret not! Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity:

1. Cash Back Chronicles: Dive deep into your latest shopping adventure and flaunt the cash back you earned with Benjamin. Let viewers feel the thrill of every dollar saved!

2. Boosted Bonanza: Spotlight a purchase from one of the 60,000 online stores offering boosted cash back. Share the joy of getting more than you expected!

3. Survey Success: Narrate your journey of turning a few minutes into extra dollars with our rewarding surveys. Inspire others with your success story!

4. Day in the Life: Take viewers through a day of shopping with Benjamin. From browsing to buying to earning, let them experience the full Benjamin magic.

5. Meme Magic: Unleash your creativity and craft a hilarious or relatable meme about your Benjamin shopping spree. Sometimes, a good laugh says it all!

6. Referral Revelations: Share your experience of referring friends to Benjamin. Highlight the rewards, the process, and the joy of earning together.

7. Honest Review: Authenticity resonates. Honest reviews often garner a lot of attention because viewers appreciate genuine feedback. Share your unfiltered thoughts about the Benjamin app. Discuss its features, what you love, and even areas you think could improve. To add credibility, showcase your earnings or any other tangible benefits you've received. Remember, your genuine experience can guide and influence many others!

TikTok Video Tips - How To Easily Create a Viral Video About Shopping / Survey App

Crafting a successful TikTok video often starts with a hook – a compelling beginning that grabs the viewer's attention instantly. Here are some ideas for hooks you could use:

  1. "Discover the app you didn't know you needed, but you definitely do."
  2. "The secret to my shopping smile? Benjamin's cash back!"
  3. "Everyone's saving with this app, are you?"
  4. "Missed out on cash back for your last purchase? Not me. Here's why."
  5. "My bank account's best friend? The Benjamin app."
  6. "Ever heard of shopping that PAYS you? Let me introduce you."
  7. "This is the app I cannot live without. Find out why."
  8. "Others are earning while shopping. Don't get left behind."
  9. "I earned an extra $20 this week just by doing surveys. You can too!"
  10. "This new app is making waves. Don't be the last to know."
  11. "Check out my cash back earnings with Benjamin. You could be next!"
  12. "If you're not using Benjamin, you're leaving money on the table."
  13. "Join the smart shoppers. Discover the Benjamin difference."
  14. "You shop online, you earn. It's that simple. Are you in?"
  15. "Boosted cash back? Everyone's talking about it. Don't miss out."
  16. "Do you and your friends know about this app? If not, there's money to be made!"
  17. ''Sharing is caring, especially when it pays! Discover Benjamin's referral program."
  18. "My friends thanked me for introducing them to Benjamin. Find out why!"
  19. "Your friend circle could be your goldmine with Benjamin's referral system."
  20. "I made money just by getting my friends on board. You can too!"
  21. "Unlock rewards for every friend you bring to this new app called Benjamin. Ready to know how you can cash in too?"

Remember, the key is to engage with the viewer right from the first second. And if you're looking for inspiration, there are countless popular videos about survey and cash back apps on TikTok. These videos have already proven to resonate with viewers on a conceptual level. Why not take a leaf out of their book and recreate them with your unique Benjamin twist?

Take Inspiration From These Videos

Meme video showcasing your earnings in Benjamin app. These meme's give you a lot of opportunities how you can showcase Benjamin.


Review about a survey app. You can do this for Benjamin. Just take a screenshot of your phone and put it in the background.


Sharing what survey apps you use.


What are survey apps and how much you can earn with them. Just do same kind of video with Benjamin.


Review of many survey apps. Then just tell them to download/test Benjamin too.


How to Enter Benjamin Content Creation Competition

  1. Craft your video (based on our suggestions or your unique idea).
  2. Upload it on TikTok or Instagram Reels.
  3. You must use the hashtag #benjamincashbackapp on the videos you post
  4. Rally your friends and followers to view and share!

Promotion Mention Rule: During some part of your video, you must include a mention of the Benjamin app. This can be done either through voice or text on the video (not in the comment section/caption section only, it has the be inside the video). You can say or display either "Check out the Benjamin app" or "Download the Benjamin app". This mention helps in maintaining the context of the competition and ensures viewers are directed towards our app.

Video Submission Deadline: All videos must be posted by 12 PM on the 9th of August. The number of views will be checked at this exact time, and any views accumulated after this deadline will not be counted towards the competition.

The Prizes

Winners will be determined based on the number of views their video gathers. The more views your video gets, the higher your chances of winning!

  • 1st Place (Most Views): $250 Gift Card
  • 2nd Place: $150 Gift Card
  • 3rd Place: $100 Gift Card

Terms & Conditions of Benjamin Content Creation Competition

Benjamin Content Creation Contest - Terms & Conditions

Eligibility: The contest is open only to US residents aged 18 and over with a good standing account with the Benjamin Cash Back Shopping app.

Entry Period: All entries must be submitted before 12 PM on the 9th of September, 2023. Entries submitted after this time will not be considered.

How to Enter: Participants must create a video related to their experience with the Benjamin app and post it on either TikTok or Instagram. The video must include either a voiceover or text mentioning "Check out the Benjamin app" or "Download the Benjamin app" and should use the hashtag #benjamincashbackapp.

Winner Selection: Winners will be determined based on the number of views their video receives by the end of the entry period. The video with the most views will be declared the winner.


1st Place (Most Views): $250 Gift Card

2nd Place: $150 Gift Card

3rd Place: $100 Gift Card

Prizes are non-transferable, and no cash alternative will be offered.

Notification: Winners will be contacted via the platform on which they posted their video (TikTok or Instagram) within 7 days of the contest's end.

General: Benjamin reserves the right to disqualify any entries that violate the terms, are deemed inappropriate, or are not in the spirit of the contest. This includes, but is not limited to, content that is offensive, inappropriate, or violates any third-party rights.

Rights: By entering the contest, participants grant Benjamin the right to share, repost, or use their videos for promotional purposes on various platforms without further compensation.

Privacy: Personal information collected during the contest will be used in accordance with Benjamin's privacy policy.

Disputes: Any disputes arising out of the contest will be governed by the laws of the State of New York, regardless of the participant's place of residence.

Amendments and Cancellation: Benjamin reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions, suspend, or cancel the contest at any time, without prior notice.

Final Thoughts

This contest isn't just about winning; it's about expressing yourself, connecting with a community, and celebrating the joy of shopping with Benjamin. So, why not you? Why not now? Grab your phone, let your imagination run wild, and remember: every video, no matter how simple, holds the potential to captivate thousands. We can't wait to see your Benjamin story unfold!

Tools & Essential links

CapCut - Easy video editing tool

Instagram - Create an account (if you already don't have one) and post your videos

TikTok - Same thing as in Instagram, but in TikTok the virality is maybe even easier to achieve.

And just a reminder for everyone who doesn't have an account yet, sign up today and get a $5 sign up bonus!

Ready, set, film! Best of luck, Benjamin family. 🎥🛍️🌟


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