100 Best New AI Tools That Help You With Your Business

April 27, 2023
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way businesses operate and has become an essential aspect of modern entrepreneurship. With a vast array of AI tools available, it can be challenging for business owners to choose the right one to meet their needs. To make the task easier, we've curated a list of the 100 best new AI tools, organized into categories to cater to different industries and business requirements. From AI writing assistants to chatbots, and tools for presentations to marketing and sales, our list has something for everyone. Whether you're a startup, restaurant, or anything in between, this comprehensive guide will help you find the perfect AI tool to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

The 100 Best New AI Tools of 2023 for Your Business

AI Writing Assistants: Enhance Content Quality with AI Tools

  1. ChatGPT: Yep, this is a pretty obvious answer but still it can not be overlooked.
  2. LongshotAl: Writing assistant for accurate and optimized content writing.
  3. SimplifiedAl: An AI writer for blogs, articles, ads, products, and websites.
  4. StabilityAl: Generate articles and blog posts with AI in seconds.
  5. WriteSonicAl: Create SEO-optimized content 10x faster.
  6. EllieAl: An email writing assistant that learns from your writing style.
  7. GhostwryterAl: An AI writing assistant made just for Google Docs.
  8. BHuman: Clone your face and voice to generate personalized videos for you.
  9. Rezi AI: Revolutionize Job Search with AI-Powered Resume Writing and Editing.
  10. AskThee: Ask big thinkers like Aristotle and Einstein anything you want.

Hottest AI Design Tools of 2023

  1. Microsoft Designer: Microsof Designer launched with a big hype and they were said to be ''Canva killer'' because of their developed AI features. You can use the Microsoft designer to generate images from a text like in Midjourney or just use it give you a template and structure for example an Facebook Ad. To get access to the Microsoft Designer you need to join their waitlist, but we can say that it is worth it.

    You canread the more depth article about Microsoft Designer and how it can help you run your business from this great article from Makeuseof.
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2. Looka: Design a logo for your brand, website, or company swag with AI. Super useful tool for businesses who want to get up and running and fast and dont want to use time and money for simple brand and logo designs.

3. FigmaAl: Design websites, applications, logos, and more.

4. BlendAl: Create professional product visuals in seconds.

5. PicassoAI: Create amazing artwork using AI.

6. Remove.bg: Remove the background from any image using AI. Great alternative for paid Canva.

7. RoomGPT: Helps you redesign your room with just a click of a button.

8. AstriaAI: Tailor-made AI Image generation that is a great alternative for Midjourney.

AI Productivity Tools to Help You Scale Your Business

  1. AgentGPT: Agent GPT is like ChatGPT, but it can be more autonomous and do many tasks for you, so that you can give it an end goal and it will do the tasks autonomically. So basically AgentGPT/AutoGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool for developing, customizing, and deploying autonomous ChatGPT style AI agents. It is based on GPT-4, which allows it to behave autonomously without the need for human interaction. Users can utilize Agent GPT to develop autonomous AI agents that can do various jobs on the internet.

    Agent GPT can be used to complete tasks such as making marketing plans, assessing market data for investments, producing subjects for a podcast, and building e-commerce. Users can configure and deploy autonomous AI agents using Agent GPT to accomplish any purpose imaginable.

    AgenGPT can be a real super power for your business, no matter what kind of business you are running. Test it out and see how it can help you with your business.
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  1. HintsAl: Digital organizer to manage day-to-day activities.
  1. MagicalAl: Automate repetitive tasks and save hours per day.
  2. D-ID: To create digital avatars giving you an immense human-like experience.
  3. QuestAI: Build web applications faster.
  4. AlanAl: Add an AI voice assistant to your applications.
  5. Quotify: Extract meaningful quotes from books and articles and use them in your content marketing.

Use these AI Chatbots and Virtual Assistants to Streamline Your Business

  1. MotionAl: Easily build chatbots to do anything on any platform.
  2. MarcBot: An AI assistant that lives inside Telegram.
  3. Botify: Create digital humans for engaging conversations.
  4. Nanonets: Automates manual data entry using AI.
  5. ChatSpot: All-in-one chat tool for growing better.

Best New AI Content Generation Tools of 2023

  1. StockimgAl: Generate stock images, wallpapers, and other visual assets.
  2. HypotenuseAl: Create unique copywriting and visual content using AI.
  3. Al Article Writer: Generate articles and blog posts with AI in seconds.
  4. Buzzy: No-code platform turns your idea into a Figma design and a working app.
  5. Ask Your PDF: An AI Chatbot that helps you interact with any PDF document.

Get More Out Of Your Meetings - Use These AI Meeting Tools

  1. SupernormalAl: An AI-powered meeting recorder.
  2. TL;DV: Record meetings to help share call moments with AI.
  3. SuggestyAl: Get human-like answers to your Google searches with GPT-3.
  4. WaitroomAl: Upgrade your meetings by boosting focus and accountability.

Streamline Your Travel Plans With This AI Travel Planning Tool

  1. Roam around: Plan your trips through an AI travel planner.

Six Best New AI Content Creation Tools of 2023

  1. CohesiveAI: Create magical content with the most powerful AI editor.
  2. QuinvioAl: Create video presentations using AI.
  3. RephraseAl: Convert your text into highly engaging videos in minutes.
  4. MurfAl: Make studio-quality voiceovers from input text in seconds.
  5. LovoAI: Realistic AI voices that captivate your audience.
  6. CastmagicAl: 10x Podcast Content with AI.

AI Legal Tools to Consider in 2023

  1. HarveyAl: An AI-powered legal advisor. Name may have something to do with the magical Harvey Specter so that should be a good omen.

AI Language Learning Tools

  1. Speak: An AI language tutor to learn a new language without needing a live tutor

New AI Sales and Marketing Tools of 2023

  1. MarkopoloAl: Helps you do digital advertising on autopilot.
  2. Publer: Tool to create, schedule or analyze all social posts on one platform.

AI Learning Tools

  1. Study Al: An AI-powered homework helper.
  2. Delv Al: Helps you learn faster by retrieving summarized data from any text file.
  3. Hereafter: An AI memory app that preserves your memories forever.

AI Testimonial Tools

  1. Trust: An AI-powered tool to easily make video and text testimonials.

AI Presentation Tools - Create Good Looking Presentations Easily With AI

Can creating good looking slide deck be easy and fast even if you don't know anything about design? Yes it can. With these AI tools you can create beautiful presentations in just a few minutes.

  1. DesignsAI: Even for the most experienced designers, creating a solid presentation slide may be a daunting undertaking. But don't worry, Designs.ai includes A.I. technology that will assist you in easily creating stunning presentations. Designs.ai offers it all, whether it's a collaborative project, a sales pitch, or a commercial endeavor. The best part is that it is completely free!
  2. DocktopusAl: Create compelling slides for your presentations with AI.
  3. Beautiful: Generative AI presentation app for the workplace.

Make Mind Mapping Easy with This AI Tool

  1. Whimsical: Helps you make mindmaps with AI-powered suggestions.

Best Content and Website Scraping AI Tool of 2023

  1. BrowseAl: The simplest method for extracting and monitoring data from any website. In 2 minutes, you can train a robot that will show you the information of any webpage, and the best part is there is no need for coding. Use this tool to know what your competitors are doing.

Best New AI Summarization Tools of 2023

  1. Wordtune: AI Summarize documents and identify key points with AI.
  2. PerplexityAl: Chrome extension that summarizes online articles.

AI Tool For Vendor Spend Management

  1. GleanAI: With machine learning-powered research and insights, an accounts payable platform can help you understand what's driving your vendor spend.

AI Workspace Tools

  1. MemAI: AI-powered workspace that's personalized to you.
  2. Chatthing: Turn any notion workspace into an AI Chatbot.

Hottest New AI No-Code Platform of 2023

  1. Wand AI: Self-service no-code AI platform to generate AI with no friction.

Want to Create a Game But Don't Know How? Check This AI Game Creation Tool

  1. LudoAI: The comprehensive AI platform for game creation.

Our conclusions of the state of AI tools in 2023

  1. What are the best AI tools for businesses?
  • The best AI tools for businesses vary depending on specific needs, but some of the most popular and highly rated include MarkopoloAl, Publer, MurfAl, LovoAI, and Rezi AI.
  1. How can AI tools help businesses to run more efficiently?
  • AI tools can automate repetitive tasks, analyze data, and provide insights to help businesses make informed decisions. This can lead to increased productivity and efficiency.
  1. What are some AI tools for sales and marketing?
  • AI tools for sales and marketing include MarkopoloAl and Publer. These tools can help businesses automate digital advertising and social media management.
  1. What are some AI tools for presentations?
  • AI tools for presentations include DesignsAl, DocktopusAl, and Beautiful. These tools can help businesses create compelling presentations in seconds, without the need for manual design work.
  1. What are some AI tools for writing assistance?
  • AI tools for writing assistance include GhostwryterAl and BHuman. These tools can help businesses create optimized and accurate written content.
  1. What are some AI tools for image generation?
  • AI tools for image generation include AstriaAI and Al Image Enlarger. These tools can help businesses generate images for various purposes, such as product visuals and marketing materials.

How to get new customers without AI in 2023?

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