Benjamin x GoPro – Bringing Ultimate Cash Back Experience for GoPro Premium Subscribers

November 9, 2023
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Why We Paired Up with GoPro?

We're all about making your money work overtime. With our GoPro partnership, we're dialing up the savings and rewards for you. Isn't it time your tech buys gave back?

The Perks for GoPro? They're Platinum (literally)!

Here's the deal for all GoPro subscribers:

  • Instant Platinum Membership: Join Benjamin, and you're in the Platinum Tier from the start. This isn't just a title; it's your new saving superpower.
  • Better Cash Back on Everything: As a Platinum member, your cash back isn't just good; it's great. From your morning coffee to your late-night online shopping sprees, watch the savings stack up.
  • Boosted Rewards Online: Shop at any of the 60,000+ online stores in our network, and your cash back gets even bigger. Yes, we're talking about a boost on every online haul!

This Offer Has Your Name All Over It!

Are you a GoPro subscriber? Then this is your VIP pass to savings city. Every GoPro purchase you make just got more rewarding. And we're not just talking tech:

  • GoPro Gear: Earn cash back on the latest action-packed cameras and accessories.
  • Daily Essentials: Groceries, gas, you name it. Your everyday buys are about to pay off.
  • Online Bonanza: With special access to boosted cash back at over 60,000 online stores, your online shopping is about to get a whole lot sweeter.

What's the Catch? There Isn't One.

Just pure savings bliss. If you're ready to turn your GoPro subscription into a powerhouse of perks, Benjamin is your key.

Ready, Set, Save!

This isn't a one-time offer; it's our way of life at Benjamin. We're on a mission to keep bringing you the best deals out there.

So, what are you waiting for? Unlock the ultimate cash back experience now with Benjamin and GoPro.

At Benjamin, we're all about putting more money back into your pockets. That’s why we’re constantly on the hunt for the next big partnership that can help our users save big and earn more. This time, we've hit the jackpot with an exciting collaboration with GoPro!

Why We Partner with the Best

Our mission is to make your everyday activities more financially rewarding. From your morning coffee run to your tech splurges, we believe you should be getting more for your money. It’s not just about the savings; it’s about the experience and the added value we bring to your daily life.

The GoPro x Benjamin Deal - A Snapshot of Savings

For those who have a passion for adventure and savings, we’ve got thrilling news! If you’re new to Benjamin or haven’t yet dived into the world of GoPro, here’s why now is the perfect time:

1. Exclusive Platinum Level AccessNew GoPro subscribers coming to Benjamin will be welcomed with a VIP treatment — an instant upgrade to our Platinum Level. This isn’t just a status; it’s a ticket to higher cash back rates and top-tier rewards.

2. Special GoPro DiscountsWe've worked closely with GoPro to secure special discounts just for our users. When you combine this with our Platinum Level cash back, you’re looking at serious savings.

3. Cash Back on Every GoPro PurchaseWhether you're after the latest camera or the coolest accessories, you'll earn cash back on every GoPro purchase made through our app. It’s like getting paid to capture your adventures.

4. Extra Earnings on All PurchasesThe benefits don’t stop at GoPro gear. With Benjamin, you get cash back on all purchases made with your linked card. So every time you shop, you're stacking up savings.

For the New Savers on the Block

If you’ve been on the fence about where to buy your next piece of tech, let this partnership with GoPro sway you towards some sweet savings. This deal is crafted especially for new users who want to maximize their money's worth from their tech buys.

Join the Cash Back Revolution

We're not stopping here. Our team at Benjamin is already gearing up for more partnerships, each one designed to bring you better deals and more cash in your wallet.

So, are you ready to join the ranks of smart savers and earn while you shop, play, and explore? Dive into the Benjamin experience and let the savings begin!

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