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How do I get the Benjamin Cash Back App?

You can find Benjamin - Earn Cash Rewards app that helps you earn more money on your everyday life from Google Play and App Store.

Please note that Benjamin app is only available in the US.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by sending us an email at support@benjaminone.com

How do I sign up for a Benjamin account?

You can sign up for a Benjamin account by downloading the app, providing your email address and phone number, and completing the registration process.

I don't know how to use the app. Is there a user guide?

Yes there is!  You can find the full user guide to Benjamin Cash Back App from here.

How can I cash out my sign-up bonus?

You can cash out your sign-up bonus when your total account balance (earned cash back + sign-up bonus) exceeds $25 dollars.

You can read more about the terms from Terms and Conditions.

Where do I find "My Profile" ?

Open your Benjamin app and the profile is a button on the bottom right navigation bar.

Here you can access many features and functions such as Editing your profile, inviting users, customer service and other settings.

Is there a different sign-up bonus for consumers and businesses who join the waitlist?

 Yes, they are a little bit different at this point. This may change in the future.

Consumers who join the waitlist can earn a $15 sign-up bonus and referral prices. Businesses earn a $100 sign-up bonus and maximum of 250 first businesses will earn an additional $200 credit-line to be used on their cash back campaigns.

Do you have a referral program for your waitlist?

Yes, we do!

Sign up for the waitlist and participate in our referral program where you can earn special prizes and get early access to our app!

Will Benjamin issue cash back credit cards in the future?

Yes we will. You will hear more about them by joining to our waitlist.

Can I earn long-term passive income if I am Benjamin ambassador?

Yes, you can. Our ambassadors can invite users, businesses, and brands to join Benjamin and earn referral and long-term revenue-share commission from everyone who joined to platform from their referral.

How much Benjamin cash back marketing tool cost for businesses?

Benjamin cash back marketing tool pricing is 100% performance-based. You don't have to pay any setup fees or monthly subscriptions, you only pay 1.25% commission from the new revenue you generate through our campaigns.

Where can I earn cash back?

With Benjamin Cash Back App, you will earn cash back on every purchase. From online stores, restaurants, retail, your favorite coffee shop to any other stores. The full list will be available on the app.

How does the sign-up bonus work?

When you sign up and complete the on-boarding process to Benjamin you become eligible for the sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus can be earned once per new account. The sign-up bonus is paid out once you have fulfilled the cash back earning threshold ($25). You can read more information from our Terms & Conditions.

How do I invite my favorite businesses to Benjamin? 

Use the Benjamin App to identify your favorite merchant you want to invite to Benjamin. We’ll take care of the rest. It will help if you ask for the store owner or manager’s email address and submit it to us using the Benjamin app.

As a business owner, how do I invite my customers to Benjamin? 

You can use the Benjamin Business to invite your customers to Benjamin. All you have to do is to send your customers an invitation link from Benjamin. We’ll take care of the rest.

Tip: You can add your invitation link to your social media or at the counter of your store so that everyone can see it and you get all your customers to join Benjamin and you start earning even more.

How do I create cash back campaigns for my customers?

Sign up to Benjamin Business for free and follow the instructions on how to set up and run cash back campaigns. It’s super easy and only takes a couple of minutes. We will send your offer to millions of potential customers and that doesn’t cost you anything. You only pay 1.25% marketing fee for every sale Benjamin is able to drive to your store.

I want to share my purchases and earn when my friends buy. Can I do it?

Yes, you can! Sign up to Benjamin App and once you start making your first cash back eligible purchases they will appear on your app and you can share them with your friends and audience via all social media and other channels. When your invited friends buy, you will earn money

Is @joinbenjaminapp TikTok account your account?

Yes it is.

@joinbenjaminapp is our TikTok account and @benjaminplatform is our Instagram account.

If you came here from social media, remember to register to the app with code TIKTOK and get special bonus.

Is Benjamin 100% free?

Yes it is.

100% free to all parties - consumers, retail, brands, publishers and ambassadors.

How do I link my credit or debit card to my Benjamin account?

You can link your credit or debit card to your Benjamin account during the sign up process or by accessing the app's settings and following the prompts to add your card information. Remember, you need to link your connect with your bank, such as Wells Fargo or Chase and then if that ban has linked cards, you can link those as well.  

What is Plaid and why does Benjamin uses it?

Plaid is a financial technology company that provides a platform for users to connect and track their bank and credit card accounts.

Plaid's connection with Benjamin platform allows users to view their transaction history, account balances, and other financial information in one place. It is mainly used by fintechs and other financial services companies to provide their customers with a more convenient way to manage their finances and make better financial decisions.

Companies like Cash App, Current and Venmo are using Plaid the same way as we do.

Bottom line is we want your data to be 100% secure. We do not store your banking or credit card connection data. The entire connection data is encrupted and held by Plaid.  This is why we use Plaid.

Is it safe to link your account to Benjamin with Plaid and how secure is my data?

Plaid uses some of the highest encryption protocols available when sending your financial data. This includes the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). Plaid also uses multifactor authentication (MFA), which gives an added layer of security to the transmission of your financial data.

Why can't I connect my credit card, debit card or bank account with Plaid to Benjamin?

There are several reasons why you might not be able to connect your bank account to Plaid and Benjamin.

Some possible causes include:

  • Your bank or credit card issuer is not supported by Plaid
  • There are issues with your account login credentials
  • There is a technical problem on the bank or credit card issuer's end
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Region limitations

If you are experiencing difficulty connecting your account, you can contact our support for assistance and make sure you are able to use your data in Benjamin as well.

Is all of my financial data accurate with Plaid and Benjamin?

Plaid uses screen scraping to gather financial data, and while the company takes steps to ensure the accuracy of the data, there is always a risk of inaccuracies due to errors in the scraping process or inconsistencies in how different banks and credit card issuers format their data. If you notice any inaccuracies in your data, please contact our support for assistance. Keep in mind that Benjamin uses the data from Plaid, so this could affect the insights and recommendations you get.

Why are some of my transactions delayed on Benjamin?

Transactions may be delayed on Benjamin due to delays on the bank's end or issues with the Plaid system which we use to connect to your bank account and gather the data. If you are experiencing delayed transactions, please contact Benjamin's customer support for assistance.

Why are some of my transactions missing on Benjamin?

Some transactions may be missing or delayed on Benjamin due to issues with the bank's systems or with the Plaid system.

It can sometimes take multiple days for some transactions to show up on the Benjamin app. If you notice some missing transactions after 7 days, please contact Benjamin's customer support for assistance.

Why are my transactions not being properly categorized on Benjamin?

Incorrect transaction categorization may occur on Benjamin due to issues with the Plaid system or how transactions are tracked by the bank. If you notice any incorrect categorization of your transactions, please contact Benjamin's customer support for assistance.

Can I link multiple cards or accounts from the same financial institution to my account?

As of our current system setup, you can link only one card or account per financial institution to your account. This has been implemented to simplify the linking process for users. We understand that you may have multiple accounts or cards from the same bank and we are actively considering changes to accommodate this need.

For now, we recommend prioritizing and linking the card or account you use most frequently from each institution.

Keep an eye out for future updates where we might introduce the capability of linking multiple accounts or cards from the same bank.

Why is my transaction history not up-to-date on Benjamin?

Your transaction history on Benjamin may not be up-to-date due to delays in updating the data from Plaid or the bank's systems.

How many cards I can link to Benjamin Cash Back App?

You may attach as many cards as you like to your Benjamin Cash Back account. In fact, we always advise consumers to link all acceptable cards. You won't have to remember which one to use when shopping with one of our merchant partners!

Please allow at least 24 hours after linking your qualifying card(s) to confirm your card(s) have been registered with the Benjamin. If you make transactions with a freshly connected card before the 24-hour mark, you may not receive automatic cash back and will need to submit a missing cash back ticket.

It says my card is already linked to another app when I try to link my card to Benjamin Cash Back App. What causes this problem?

Neobanks like Varo, Current and others enroll their card upon issuing to card-linked offers and merchants prevent “double-dipping”. This is the reason you can’t link your neobank card.

We are fixing this issue by launching free Benjamin debit and credit cards with cash back.

Meanwhile, please try to link another bank & card you might have.

Here is the full list of card we know that you can not link at the moment:

Afterpay, Atlas, Branch, Chipper, Current, Velo, Fizz, Karma, Kikoff, M1, Mission Lane ,ONE Finance, Reveel ,Sagewell, Survey Cheddar, TheBitcoinCompany, Varo Bank, Veryable, RentPlus, Yotta

Why haven't I received cash back from my purchase?

When using Benjamin, the process you must go through for online and in-store transactions is different. Here are some reasons why you may be experiencing issues with receiving your cash back:

Online Offers

‍There could be several reasons why you did not receive cash back for an online offer.

The most common instances are as follows:

1. Once you select an offer, you must go through the Benjamin Cash Back app using the Shop Now or Open button in an offer to access the participating merchant's site.

2. You must make your purchase with an eligible card that is linked to your Benjamin wallet. We recommend that you connect all of your credit and debit cards to the app so you can take full advantage of any available Benjamin offers. That way you can use your enrolled cards interchangeably without having to remember a specific one to use!

3. If you use your PayPal account or other virtual wallet to purchase an online order, the purchase will not register within our system. Please make sure to pay directly with an eligible card that is linked to your Benjamin account.

4. Your qualifying online transaction did not clear with the credit card processor, therefore a notification was not sent to Benjamin. As a result, any cash back was invalidated OR  there was a change with your online order. If your order was returned, cancelled, or if the amount changed due to items being added, the cash back will show up as invalidated or "failed" in our system.

5. You linked your eligible card and immediately tried to use it for an online offer. Once you link your eligible card, it usually takes about 24 hours to register with our credit card partners .

6. The offer was removed or changed and therefore not valid at the time of purchase. Please make sure to check the app for any qualifying offers on the day of purchase to ensure your cash back.

7. You purchased an item that was excluded from the offer, have already received the maximum cash back allowed by the participating merchant offer, or paid with a card that is excluded from the offer. Make sure to review the rules of the offer.

You'll see any limits, exclusions, or daily caps that the merchant may have as part of their offer. This will help you to ensure your cash back!

8. The qualifying transaction hasn’t been processed yet on our end.

Although your transaction may have already cleared with your bank or credit card, the updates we receive are an entirely separate process. Once our system has received the necessary update from your credit/debitt card processor, you will receive your cash back. When this happens, you will no longer see "pending" in underneath your cash back amount, and the cash back will become available to claim.

Please note that It may take up to 7 days for a qualifying transaction to appear in your Benjamin account. Cash back may sometimes stay in a pending status for up to 90 days, depending on the participating merchant. As mentioned above, online offers may require up to 7 days for any cash back to be deposited into your Benjamin wallet.

Please allow for this timeframe to pass to ensure you receive your earnings. If it's exceeded 7 days, and you have not yet received your cash back please contact us through the chat icon from the app.

Wdo some investigation and work on crediting your account manually if needed. We will always try our best to get you your cash back!

Credit Card Purchases

Although our goal is to give you cash back automatically, sometimes it may take up to 7 days for the cash back to appear in your wallet. In some cases, a qualifying credit card transaction may take longer to process than other ones.

Sometimes the purchase may have also accidentally went to debit side of your card. The simplest method to determine if your purchase was a credit or debit transaction is to check at the top or bottom of the receipt, which should state was the transaction either credit or debit.


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